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The consumer loans market is a segment of the financial market, which includes the issuance of consumer loans by banks, Express loans and retail lending in retail outlets. They are provided to individuals in cash or on the card. There is also the option of non-cash transfer of funds directly to the seller. The loan term varies from several months to several days. The amounts of consumer loans are small, but there is always the possibility of increasing them if you provide collateral.

Cash loan
In the structure of credit portfolios of banks can be found proposals in the form of loans in cash. Such products are in demand among the population...

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The concept of «loan» is quite extensive. In the most ordinary version, a loan is the provision of foreign currency and other tangible assets from the lender to the borrower on the criteria for further return through a Official site specific time gap. In a more expanded meaning definition of loan it is possible to construct a so:

A loan is a picture of the relationship, in the course of which 1 party transfers to the resolution other currency methods or other values formed by generic symptoms: weight, measure, quantity, etc. the Borrower undertakes to return the same required amount or other asset to that extent, the same family and property in which it was taken for temporary use.

Actually, as for the proposals of MFIs and other monetary structures, in the provided awareness of the loan i...

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