The consumer loans market is a segment of the financial market, which includes the issuance of consumer loans by banks, Express loans and retail lending in retail outlets. They are provided to individuals in cash or on the card. There is also the option of non-cash transfer of funds directly to the seller. The loan term varies from several months to several days. The amounts of consumer loans are small, but there is always the possibility of increasing them if you provide collateral.

Cash loan
In the structure of credit portfolios of banks can be found proposals in the form of loans in cash. Such products are in demand among the population. Before you apply for a loan, you need to clarify whether the financial institution does not charge additional money for the issuance of cash from the cash register. The Commission is usually a percentage of the amount issued.

Mortgage loan for individuals
Those who want to solve their housing problems, you can apply for a mortgage loan. It is provided to individuals in exchange for registration of the acquired property as collateral. Just need to be prepared for the fact that the Bank does not ProCredit the full cost of housing, so some of the money will have to find their own. This is usually at least 10%.

Sometimes you can count on a loan of 100% of the cost of housing. Such proposals are found in creditors, if they cooperate with construction organizations. An obligatory condition of the mortgage lending program is the insurance of the property transferred under the pledge. In addition, you will have to independently assess the purchased real estate in the secondary market.